Three Jewels Weekend Retreat

Description of Three Jewels Weekend Retreat with Doug Veenhof

Sat and Sun 12:00 – 5:30 July 23-24

$50/day   $100/weekend

The retreat is organized into one-hour modules that will create a progressive flow of instruction and practice through the weekend beginning with the fundamentals of relaxation and breath meditation to the Dzogchen practices of Settling the Mind in Its Natural State.

Each one-hour module will begin with 12 minutes of instruction on a particular meditation followed by a 12-minute guided meditation and then a 24-minute silent meditation so participants can develop the practice individually before moving on to the next element in the progression.

This relaxed format of short sessions and frequent breaks makes it possible for beginners to develop a good foundation of fundamental skills and integrate them as they get a taste of more advanced practices. Long-time meditators as well will benefit from a fresh look at the fundamentals and an excursion into the exhilarating and liberating practices of taking the space of the mind and the appearances that arise there as the object.

The retreat will give those who attended Doug’s Cultivating Emotional Balance workshop on the previous weekend at Tibet House a chance to become more familiar with the shamatha practices introduced there. But that workshop is not a prerequisite for the retreat and anyone with an interest in developing stable vivid attention will benefit from learning this essential progression drawn from the Great Perfection school of Tibetan Buddhism.

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