CEB means Cultivating Emotional Balance


Bold CEB Logo jpgCultivate Balance

The operating premise of CEB is that emotional balance will become deeply-rooted only if it is cultivated along with three other dimensions of mental balance: conative; attentional; and cognitive.

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lion at the poolCultivate Knowledge | Skills | Choice

  • Know the process of how emotions are triggered and lead to behavior
  • Develop introspective skills that can bring awareness to otherwise unconscious and automatic elements of that process
  • Real-time awareness in the midst of an emotional episode can provide the choice to express the emotion constructively                                                                                                            see more


Mind Life 2000The Origin Story

CEB was created as a response to a direct request by H.H. the Dalai Lama to a group of leading scientists, Buddhist teachers, and philosophers at the 2000 Mind and Life conference on destructive emotions in Dharamsala, India.

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P1020160 (1)Doug’s CEB Teaching Schedule


Doug has weekend workshops in the Detroit area and Vancouver, BC coming up as well as well as a full 40-hour course (8 5-hour modules spread over 6 weeks) beginning April 2 in Gloucester, MA. More dates in Boston and New York for summer and fall will be added soon.


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