Comments from Recent CEB Participants

“Outstanding instructor,  very polished and clearly at the top of his game with broad and deep knowledge of Western psychology, neurophysiology, and Buddhist teachings and meditation practices. I would highly recommend this class, it would be very beneficial for anyone who works professionally with emotional issues or anyone who wishes to improve their own emotional balance and psychological flourishing.  I really benefited from the clear explanation of the science behind how the root practices of Buddhism cultivate improved mental balance, emotional balance, and psychological flourishing.”

—  Robert Simonton,  Rockport, MA


“This training is fabulous, relevant to our studies in this Buddhist centered community, but also important stuff that can help anyone. The marriage in CEB of science and meditation practice is beautifully tuned and, clearly, effective in actually “cultivating emotional balance”, not just talking about it.”

—  Minnie Flanagan,  Newburyport, MA