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About to Start Two-Month Retreat


In a few days I will be starting a two-month Shamatha/Vipashyana/Dzogchen retreat with Alan Wallace in Phuket, Thailand.   My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you whose generosity made this opportunity possible for me.

Some of what I am able to grasp will undoubtedly make it into the new series of workshops and retreats I will be leading on my return, which is nearly fully scheduled between Nov 21, 2014 and June 21, 2015 in Los Angeles; South Lake Tahoe; Rochester Hills, MI; Gloucester, MA; Vancouver, BC; Durham, NC; Portland, OR; and Singapore. Check the Workshops and Retreats section on for details.

You can also download or listen to selected audio from past workshops and retreats at  the Audio Archive section.

And you, too, can participate in the two-month Phuket retreat by listening to podcasts of Alan Wallace’s daily teachings at the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies website.

Thanks again for your support and I’ll see you on the other side.




Our Nine-day “Experiments in Wisdom” Silent Retreat at Angel’s Rest


Our thanks to Jennifer and the staff at Angel’s Rest Retreat Center near Leyden, Mass. for providing the perfect outer conditions for our excursion into the fusion of Stillness and Insight meditation practices.

Our crew of well-seasoned and beginning meditators traveled from Argentina, Tucson, Detroit, North Carolina, New York City,  as well as Gloucester and other Massachusetts coastal villages to spend nine-days in silent retreat exploring the truth of their own experience with “The Four Applications of Mindfulness.”  In up to 18 24-minute sessions each day they practiced stabilizing attention with the breath and settling awareness in the space of the mind.

We already have an expanded two-week retreat planned for April 2015 with weekend and one-week options. Stay tuned for details.


Our recent Vancouver “Experiments in Wisdom” 9-day Insight Retreat


Great thanks to the organizers at Three Jewels Vancouver and our hosts at the Loon Lake Research and Education Center for supplying the perfect conditions for voyaging into the wisdom of silence. Thanks also to those who attended the weekend urban retreat at Three Jewels Vancouver before this crew set off for an additional week of silent and guided meditations in up to 17 24-minute sessions per day.

We already have next year’s retreat scheduled at Loon Lake! This one will be two weeks, with options to attend just the initial weekend or first week. Put it on your calendar now–March 14-28, 2015.


An undistracted mind is mental one-pointedness, the serenity aspect, while accurate reflection on fact and meanings refers to discerning wisdom, the insight aspect. Thus, you must achieve all good qualities of the two vehicles through both sustained analysis with discerning wisdom and one-pointed focus on the object of meditation. You do not achieve them through one-sided practice of either analytical meditation or stabilizing meditation.

–Je Tsongkhapa, Lamrim Chenmo

The Sierra Nine-Day Retreat: Experiments in Wisdom


This is the intrepid crew of experimenters who investigated the liberating potential of the Shamatha practices and Insight meditations outlined in the classes of the 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge. For nine days they tested the hypotheses of the Buddha with their own rigorous self-examination in up to 17 24-minute mediation sessions each day.

Our thanks to Harmony Ridge Lodge in Grass Valley, CA for providing the perfect outer conditions. On Friday I begin another ten-day retreat near Vancouver, Canada. The first three days are actually an urban retreat at Three Jewels Vancouver. If you’re in the area, come join us.


2013 Shamatha Workshop in Cape Ann, MA

“The fast pace of modern life been caricatured at least since the Marx Brothers as an office where deals are made with a phone in each hand. In the 1930s it was largely an audience of farmers and factory workers cackling at that mocking image, but today even stock traders and Hollywood producers are living in a newly corrosive mental environment that appears ill-suited for the human species. Read more

2013 Shamatha weekend workshop in Toronto

“Buddhist psychology states that we apprehend the world through six domains of experience–the traditional five physical senses and the sixth sense of mental experience.  All six create the ecosystem of the world of our experience.  As the American psychologist William James said more than a century ago, “For the moment, what we attend to is reality.” Read more