Our recent Vancouver “Experiments in Wisdom” 9-day Insight Retreat


Great thanks to the organizers at Three Jewels Vancouver and our hosts at the Loon Lake Research and Education Center for supplying the perfect conditions for voyaging into the wisdom of silence. Thanks also to those who attended the weekend urban retreat at Three Jewels Vancouver before this crew set off for an additional week of silent and guided meditations in up to 17 24-minute sessions per day.

We already have next year’s retreat scheduled at Loon Lake! This one will be two weeks, with options to attend just the initial weekend or first week. Put it on your calendar now–March 14-28, 2015.


An undistracted mind is mental one-pointedness, the serenity aspect, while accurate reflection on fact and meanings refers to discerning wisdom, the insight aspect. Thus, you must achieve all good qualities of the two vehicles through both sustained analysis with discerning wisdom and one-pointed focus on the object of meditation. You do not achieve them through one-sided practice of either analytical meditation or stabilizing meditation.

–Je Tsongkhapa, Lamrim Chenmo

2 responses to Our recent Vancouver “Experiments in Wisdom” 9-day Insight Retreat

  1. Mike

    It’s always great going on retreat with a master meditator such as Doug to guide us along the way. All the meditation instructions were presented clearly and he answered all questions, dealing with the shamatha and vipassana practices and beyond, put forth to him by us. I gained a lot from this retreat and was happily surprised to have the extra bonus of learning techniques to bring lucidity to my dreamlife. I had a couple this morning in fact! Thank you again, Doug!

  2. Sarah Enright

    Another life-changing week! Thank you Doug for sharing your incredible wisdom and insight so clearly. I feel like I’ve experienced 10 years of realizations in one week. So so so valuable! Best wishes on your upcoming retreats and see you again in 2015!

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