30-Day Mindfulness Challenge Audio

30-Day Mindfulness Challenge_Session 2, Adding Stability with Sensations at the Abdomen


Here is the second audio installment from the 30-Day Mindfulness Challenge, a progression of 30 consecutive days of one-hour meditation classes I am teaching at Mountain Yoga in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Follow from afar or catch up on live classes you missed.

  • Balancing relaxation and clarity
  • Mindfulness: attention focused on an object of your choice
  • The special attributes of the breath as an object for training mindfulness
  • Adding stability by focusing on the sensations of the breath at the abdomen

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30-Day Challenge_2

By Douglas Veenhof

Douglas Veenhof is a former mountain guide, a first place winner in the Society of Professional Journalists’ "Excellence in Journalism Competition" and the author of White Lama: The Life of Tantric Yogi Theos Bernard, Tibet’s Lost Emissary to the New World (Harmony Books, 2011). He has studied and practiced Buddhism for more than twenty years and graduated with honors from the seven-year program of advanced Buddhist studies at Diamond Mountain, the academy in the Arizona desert founded by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally. He writes and blogs on Yoga philosophy, Buddhist meditation practice, the philosophy of mind, and cultural analysis, and has been interviewed on both radio and television (ABC, New Haven, CT). He teaches workshops and modules for Yoga teacher trainings in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and is currently at work on a memoir.

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