2013 Singapore Shamatha Workshop

New benefits of the mindfulness perfected in the Shamatha tradition of meditation are in the headlines almost weekly, and my prediction is that in five years more people will be meditating than the millions world wide now doing some form of Yoga.

As is the case with Yoga, most of those meditators will likely be drawn by the health benefits of the practice. But the reason that the spiritual technology of developing single-pointed concentration has lasted 2500 years is that it is an essential pre-requisite for experiencing liberating insights into the nature of the mind and the world of our experience.

It is critical for progress in almost any spiritual path, but as many of the greatest teachers in all traditions lament, it is a neglected skill.

Pabongka Rinpoche put it succinctly in the transcription of his teaching titled Liberation In Our Hands. “Without quiescence [Shamatha], practitioners would not be able to generate any of the great realizations that are gained by meditation, such as the realization of emptiness that is taught in the Sutrayana tradition.”

–Douglas Veenhof
From the weekend Shamatha workshop in Singapore, June 14 – 16, 2013

One response to 2013 Singapore Shamatha Workshop

  1. Georgina Halabi

    It was just the sort of constructive and insightful help I was hoping for. Thank you Doug for sharing your wisdom and to ACI for organising. Georgina.

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