2013 Shamatha Workshop in Cape Ann, MA

“The fast pace of modern life been caricatured at least since the Marx Brothers as an office where deals are made with a phone in each hand. In the 1930s it was largely an audience of farmers and factory workers cackling at that mocking image, but today even stock traders and Hollywood producers are living in a newly corrosive mental environment that appears ill-suited for the human species.

It is an environment in which the ecology of the human mind is facing a threat that seems every bit as important, unprecedented, and inexorable as climate change. And as with global warming, there is a growing concern that we may have discovered a looming disaster only after it is to late to do much about it.

The new phenomenon in our mental ecosystem demanding that we adapt to it is multitasking.”

–Douglas Veenhof
from the Shamatha workshop in Cape Ann, MA, May 31 – June 3, 2013

One response to 2013 Shamatha Workshop in Cape Ann, MA

  1. Peter Dulong

    “It is apparent to me that you have an uncommon clarity of sight and mind and I feel that you by turning us on, (by opening anew our doors of perception) are effectively doing your part to save our world. Your dedication and obvious exuberance paints a vivid picture of your magnificent Bodhicitta.
    You of all the wise people i have met during the many years of my searchings radiate a unique cognizance and an uncommon compassion……
    Please know that I greatly value what you have given us.
    I must say that I feel more than blessed to have met you and I hope to see and hear you again.
    Peter D
    From Cape Ann

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